Fiona Shoop

Fiona Shoop photoFiona Shoop is a best-selling non-fiction author, publisher, commissioning editor, journalist and non-fiction and publishing lecturer. She’s also a regular on the radio and starred on TV in the guise of an antiques expert, a role she fulfils every month in her column for The Lady magazine. She’s previously edited national consumer magazines and written for numerous publications, including The Independent.

Fiona’s first book was based on her columns – because she wanted to help people and kept being asked the same questions so it made sense to turn it into a book, the first of many.

She was headhunted from editing a food magazine to launching a new imprint for an established publisher. Fiona subsequently set up Golden Guides Press and its fiction imprint, G-Press Fiction. Her favourite books to edit are historical fiction, especially for their language and historical details. She works closely with her authors and sees publishing as a collaborative effort.

Her latest book, her 10th, is based on the courses she taught at Sussex Downs College and is called How to Write and Publish Non-fiction. She will be releasing a further two books this year, both of them about dogs, social history and popular culture which provided her with an excuse to watch films and TV between editing other people’s books. She did enjoy her research!


  • Non-fiction – writing and editing
  • Historical fiction – editing.


It depends on the individual, but I’m offering an initial hour-long phone conversation with 3 further follow-up calls and 5 hours of e-mail mentoring. I’m happy to help with covering letters and synopses, as well as advise on submitting work in general, together with advice on the first three chapters. I can only meet in person in Brighton but would be able to offer a 1-2 hour meeting in person, if wished.


In person, by email, by telephone


East Sussex


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