Stephanie Butland *not currently accepting applications*

Stephanie Butland photo*** Please note Stephanie is currently working with a mentee and so is not accepting applications***

I started blogging in 2008 when diagnosed with a breast cancer, and so that pesky little lump turned out to be the first step to a writing career. I’ve written ‘How I said Bah! to cancer’ (Hay House, 2010) and ‘Thrive: the Bah! guide to wellness after cancer’ (Hay House, 2011). My first novel, ‘Surrounded By Water’ came out in the UK in April 2014 (Bantam Press) and will be followed by ‘Written but as yet title-proof book 2’ in 2015. I aim to write accessible, enjoyable books (yes, even the cancer ones) with a strong sense of emotional intelligence. I also have a day job – I’m a trainer specialising in thinking skills and creativity. In this role I work with teams and organisations encouraging and enabling them to think differently and become more creative and productive as a result.



  • non-fiction
  • fiction.


I’m willing to mentor in person or via Skype or phone call. Three hours of mentoring in total, split over two or three sessions, plus follow-up email support.


  • In person
  • By email
  • By Skype/telephone.




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