Sorrel Wood

Sorrel Wood photoI work in illustrated non-fiction books: developing books and marketing materials from the idea up. I’ve brought my skills as an editor and creative commissioner to an incredibly and at times bizarrely broad range of subject areas including craft, couture fashion, economics, etymology, health and wellbeing, gastronomy, gift books, children’s books, and all kinds of other illustrated books.

From my first day in publishing, I have been privileged to work with outstanding people and love working with first-time authors. I love all aspects of book publishing from commissioning authors to finding just the right design, and am always on the look out for a new challenge. Over the last year I have taken a step back from office life and now work a four day week, giving me time to work on some unillustrated book projects. I’m currently working with a young first-time author on an in-depth edit of her book about the trials and tribulations of being a teenager in today’s challenging world. I’ve also helped a friend make some changes to her novel based on the life of her schizophrenic great aunt during the First and Second World War, and have helped to overhaul her synopsis and sample chapters and work on character development and themes in particular. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve also really enjoyed spending a couple of hours every week trying to write some really quite terrible short stories.

I’ve studied philosophy in the past and love having something to think about. Reading-wise I’ve been concentrating on just a couple of authors over the last few years: Jose Saramago and Haruki Murakami. In the past: Maya Angelou, George Orwell and Winston Churchill. I guess that’s my style: I love to become completely obsessed with something for a while!


  • Fact-based fiction
  • Illustrated non-fiction
  • 20th century history
  • Feminism and the civil rights movement.


I will be able to offer the time it takes to read your work in progress, plus 4 hours emailing time. I’m happy to meet up face to face or talk on the phone too, as required.


  • In person
  • By email
  • By Skype/telephone


London (Holloway)


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