Sally Jane Thompson

Sally Jane Thompson photo

Sally is a freelance comic creator whose writer-artist work includes the coming-of-age graphic novel Atomic Sheep, the travelogue-memoir webcomic From, and numerous short stories. She also works as an illustrator on other writers’ scripts, so has a strong understanding of the medium both in terms of developing writer-artist work and of working with a creative team.

Visit Sally’s website.

Please note if you are applying for Sally to be your mentor you will need to substitute the 1000 word sample of your writing in the application process with  five to ten comic pages – preferably a complete short – in either drawn or script format.


Fiction writer:

  • slice of life
  • magic-realist
  • writer-artist.


I’m offering three hours of mentoring via whichever format is agreed between the mentee and myself.


  • In person
  • By email
  • By telephone.