Jess Mersky

Jess Mersky photo

Jess is a writer and teacher originally from Pittsburgh, Pensylvania, and holds an MFA in Fiction Writing from Penn State University. She has taught writing workshops at the Oakmont Carnegie Library, and at Penn State. Her own short fiction and book reviews have appeared in Sphere, Fourth Genre, and The Oyster Boy Review. She co-authored and designed Lethophobia, a web-based interactive fiction game on the StoryNexus platform.

Jess is available to work with writers of fiction or creative nonfiction who may just be finding their feet. Her own background is of a literary bent, but writers of science fiction and fantasy are welcome to apply; so are writers of one genre or another wishing to try something new. She is relatively new to interactive fiction and games writing, but applicants interested in how to begin exploring the medium are also welcome to get in touch.


  • Literary fiction
  • Creative nonfiction
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy.


Base offer: two hours mentoring face to face – either in person or on Skype, if distance requires – plus two hours via email, which can either involve written feedback on a piece, or general support and advice as needed.

I prefer that the mentee have a current writing project to work with; how rough that material may be isn’t important, though the application sample should demonstrate a grasp of narrative and style basics. Please note that I do not see it as my role to act as editor, agent, or judge. My job is to help you see what you’ve got in front of you, hone it, and give it a direction.


In person, by email, by telephone


Bury St. Edmunds, UK.


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