Éireann Lorsung – *not currently accepting applications*

Eireann Lorsung

*Not taking applications as currently working with a mentee*

Éireann Lorsung is the author of Music For Landing Planes By (Milkweed 2007), Her Book (Milkweed 2013), and Sweetbriar (dancing girl press, 2013). Recent poems have appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal, Burnside Review, Colorado Review, and Women’s Studies Quarterly. Now she is at work on a novel about archives and earthquakes, pieces of which can be found in Two Serious Ladies, DIAGRAM, and Bluestem. Her essays have appeared in The Collagist, Necessary Fiction, and theNewerYork. She has provided editing services to writers privately since 2006; she also edits the journal 111O and co-runs MIEL, a micropress (miel-books.com).


  • Literary fiction
  • Hybrid work
  • Theoretically informed fiction and non-fiction
  • Poetry.


I’m happy to offer three hours of written editing feedback – that’s about enough time to read and respond to twenty pages of prose or ten to twelve pages of poetry – via email, to writers anywhere in the world who write in English.

Alternately, for writers in English who are located in Belgium –or in the cities in the US and UK where I will be this spring/summer – I’m happy to offer two one-hour sessions of in-person feedback on the same amount of writing.


In person, by email