Cal Moriarty *currently not accepting applications*

Cal Moriarty image*Please note Cal is currently working with a mentee and so is not accepting applications*

Award-winning Screenwriter. Scripts have been bought by Hollywood producers. Ran a Screenwriters group at BAFTA for years. Have MA in Playwriting and have mentored many successful writers. My crime fiction novel, The Killing of Bobbi Lomax, the first in a crime fiction series, is to be released by Faber in Spring 2015. In the past two years I took the six month Faber novel course AND the nine month Edit Your Novel course.


  • Fiction
  • Screenwriter
  • Playwright.


I’m flexible. BUT, I’m looking for commitment from the writer. i.e. nobody flaky. As a writer you need to be able to take ‘edit’ notes. On the chin. It’s all about making the work better, it’s not personal. I am exhaustive editor. I will flag up all kinds of problems from tone to where you missed out punctuation etc. Intense, but nurturing, hopefully! Happy to meet in person; do Skype or phone; or emails.


In person, by email, by telephone


Southern England


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