Sarah Williams *not currently accepting applications*

Sarah Williams photo*** Please note Sarah is currently working with a mentee and so is not accepting applications***

My agenting career started in 2010 when I joined Ed Victor Ltd and began building my list and my authors and I moved to the Sophie Hicks Agency in July 2014. I love working with such a diverse group of writers – from debut novelists to food writers to travel and narrative non-fiction writers. My publishing background is on the editorial side of things and I worked in this capacity for several years in Canada. I still work quite intensively with my authors and I’m really excited to do the same with the WoMentoring project.

I love literary fiction – beautiful writing, visual in tone and concept (my favourite writer is Michael Ondaatje) but I also love incredibly readable novels with indelible characters and an impossible-to-put-down story (I’m loving Rainbow Rowell right now). I’m also looking for thrillers, older YA (I adored We Were Liars), and quirky narrative non-fiction.


  • Literary fiction
  • Commercial fiction
  • Narrative non-fiction (food, memoir, travel, current affairs)
  • Young adult (14-19).


I’m quite flexible with what I’m offering and it will depend on what works best for the stage of book and what the mentee is hoping to achieve. Email, phone and in-person meetings are all fine.


  • By Skype/telephone
  • By email
  • In person.




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