Elinor Cooper *not currently accepting applications*

woman on swing drawing

*** Please note Elinor is currently working with a mentee and so is not accepting applications***

I graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in English & American Literature and spent a couple of years working as a bookseller before joining AP Watt Ltd nearly ten years ago. Since the beginning of 2013 I have been with Rochelle Stevens & Co, founding a book department in this successful boutique agency, which previously specialised in representing screenwriters, directors, and book-to-film and book-to-TV adaptations.

I am most interested in mentoring women writing literary fiction or upmarket commercial fiction. I would rather not work with anyone writing anything from the point of view of a child or teenager, but all rules and conditions are always thrown out of the window if the writing is good enough!


Literary Fiction


I’m happy to meet and chat (or Skype, call or email) for a couple of hours.  I’d be pleased to answer any questions you might have about literary agents, or getting published more generally, as well as discussing your writing.  I can also provide written feedback – either as well or instead (I think it can be useful to have some notes to refer back to).  I can be flexible, depending on a writer’s preferences and needs.


In person, by email, by telephone


London, Brighton, Oxford


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