Kim Curran *not accepting applications*

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I’m a young-adult author, with two books published (and another two on the way this year). I’m happy to bounce ideas around to work out tricky plot issues, provide an extra pair of eyes to tighten and sharpen writing and, above all, be a cheerleader to help keep your writing spirits up.

I’ve also been an advertising copywriter for over 15 years, so I can also help you make those tricky synopses and pitches snappy and compelling.

Beyond the practicalities of writing, I’m familiar with the trials and tribulations of the publishing industry and know how tough it can be to face rejection. But I’ve learnt that tenacity counts for as much as talent. So if you’ve got bundles of both, I’d love to work with you


  • Young adult
  • advertising copywriter.


I’m offering three-hours mentoring – in person if possible or over the phone if not – with follow up by email.


In person, by email, by telephone