Kate Brown

Kate Brown photo

My debut novel ‘The Women of Versailles’ will be published by Seren Books in May 2017. It’s a story that takes place in the past, but I write stuff that’s set in the present too. I’m also a published and, occasionally prize-winning, writer of short stories. I trained as a film director at the National Film & Television School and since then I’ve mainly earned my crust as a screenwriter and director, working in Europe. I teach novel writing for The Reader Berlin http://thereaderberlin.com/, where I have a diverse range of international students.


The novel – set in the past or the present. I often use screenwriting and film related skills to figure out what’s not right with my own novel writing, so if you think that might help, I might useful to you.


Knowing whether I was ready to send my novel out into the world was what I really struggled with when writing mine, so I’m offering to read one full draft. I think a writer needs an opinion on the bigger picture. It’s what I needed most.

I’ll give 2/3 hours follow up feedback.


Either in person, or via email/phone/Skype, depending on where you are.




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