Karen Mahoney *not currently accepting applications*

Karen Mahoney*** Please note Karen is not accepting applications at this time ***

I’m a Young Adult author – I have 4 novels published with Random House – and have experience as a writing coach for a US-based organization (where I coach a group of 8-10 writers every month). I am a huge geek and am especially a fan of comic books. If you’re into Wonder Woman, that is a bonus – but not a requirement! When I first started out as a writer – especially when it came to trying to get published – I was lucky enough to receive help and guidance from a number of amazing women. Sometimes that simply involved being cheered on when times were tough, but it has made me want to do the same thing for other writers. I’m especially excited about helping women writers of YA fiction to take the next step – whatever the next step is for YOU. That could mean moving you forward with getting your first draft on the page, kick-starting a stuck rewrite – or help with writing a query letter if you have a manuscript you’re ready to send out into the world (I love writing query letters and pitches!). I am happy to talk about the publishing/business side or the craft side. More than anything, I am an excellent cheerleader.


Writer: young adult fiction.


I’m offering 3 hours of mentoring. A suggested format would be an initial hour in person or by phone/Skype, and then up to 2 hours email as a follow-up. We can be flexible, although I do prefer email for at least some of the time.


  • By Skype/telephone
  • By email
  • In person.




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