Jenifer Toksvig

KPG Toksvig photo

As well as conventional American Book Musical Theatre, I’ve done a lot of writing specifically for young people to perform. I also do a lot of work devising new theatre with performers, and a lot of exploring of audience engagement with live performance, so I’m very happy talking about less conventional ways to create and present theatre. Transmedia projects are my thing, too: cross-platform storytelling, particularly with gaming/theatre. I’m less likely to want to engage with detailed dramaturgical feedback on a full script, and more likely to be helpful advising on which direction to take in the development of a specific piece, or in general as a creative artist, and in things like discussing creative practices and processes. Although I’m no lawyer, I am fairly well versed in the legal / contractual side of writing musical theatre, too.


Musical theatre


I’m offering an hour of in-person mentoring in SE London, on the Southbank or in the West End, or an hour of Skype mentoring. I can’t do any pre-reading of creative writing, but happy to prepare for the meeting by email a bit so we can hit the ground running.


In person, by email, by telephone




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