Antonia Honeywell

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As a newly-signed author, I remember very clearly the struggle of identifying as a writer with no external validation. My writing life was – and is – a constant juggling act, the very balls for which have to be carved out of a busy family life (I have four small children). If you are prepared to hear that there are no secrets to getting published except dedication, perseverance and commitment to developing your writing skills, then I’m here with encouragement, constructive feedback and advice. It took me ten years to get to where I am now; I’ve learned a great deal and would love to share that with another writer, to help her find and tread her own path.



  • literary
  • speculative
  • historical.


I’m offering two hours of one-to-one mentoring in person, with an hour at least of close reading of your work prior to the first meeting, and in between the first and second meetings (so four hours in total).


  • By email
  • By telephone.


Amersham, Buckinghamshire