Annette Gordon

annette-gordonI’ve been a TV series producer/director for twenty years working in factual entertainment and story-driven observational documentaries. I’m also an agented novelist with several novels under my belt and what I hope will be my debut about to go on submission. My novel WHEN I WAS LOVED was a finalist for the Lucy Cavendish Fiction prize 2014. I have a strong understanding of structure and form, learned and practiced as a result of inventing and producing formatted narrative driven TV programmes. I have a deep instinct for dialogue, script writing and narration all of which translates well into certain novels. I’m keen to work with writers who seriously want to get published and are unafraid of (possibly even enjoy) revision and editing, those with an open enquiring hard-working mind rather than ‘bucket list’ authors. Or anyone who desperately wants to write but feels they’re not the right sort of ‘writerly’ person – misfits, outsiders, those with no university degrees or who feel that they are ‘just not literary enough’ are VERY WELCOME to apply to me! My own writing sits somewhere between literary and commercial, but perhaps leaning more to literary fiction. However, I read widely. Though I’m probably not much use to you if you are into Sci Fi, Fantasy and YA. As a TV professional I’ve trained researchers, directors and edit producers in storytelling and have in my time recieved millions of job applications so know a little about how to present yourself professionally to an employer or for that matter a literary agent.


Contemporary & Historical Fiction


Four hours of mentoring either in person or via Skype. Two hours of close reading (negotiable) Help with writing to agents and first three chapters.


In person, by email, by telephone


London & South-East