Kate Ellis

Kate Ellis 150 x 150***Currently working with a mentee***

I ignited the flame for my commercial fiction love affair at Avon, where I learnt a lot from some of the top commercial editors in the business. I also had the pleasure of overseeing some truly wonderful authors, including S. D. Robertson and Marnie Riches.

I’m currently Publishing Manager at Accent Press, a small independent Welsh publisher. I oversee all of our authors, pitch and package all of our titles and work with freelance editors on structural edits (by far my favourite part of my job!).

I have a keen eye for romance, whether it’s a subtle sub-plot or the main book theme. And I’m a sucker for books that make me cry. Don’t even think about mentioning ‘Me Before You’, I will sob for days.


Commercial fiction:

  • women’s fiction
  • historical
  • crime.


I’m offering manuscript critique with three hours of mentoring – your choice of how you’d prefer this to happen: in person, email, etc…


  • In person
  • By email
  • By skype/telephone.


South Wales